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Whether fire barrels, fire bowls, bar tables, key rings, coasters or clocks. From us you can buy personalized products to give as a gift or to decorate



Our workshop recently moved to Industriestrasse 10 - 21354 Bleckede. All of our products are lovingly handcrafted here. Please feel free to visit us in person to gain an insight and browse our diverse product range with your own eyes.


About me

Markus Klement

I am Markus Klement , formerly a professional driver. While driving, I saw
how sheet steel bins from food transport were picked up by a recycling company.
As a hobbyist, I recognized the potential of these bins, which are only used once and then recycled at great expense.
After permission from the customer, I took five tons with me and made a fire barrel with a motif.
Enthusiastic reactions from my friends allowed the idea to grow. With more tons and
After eight months, I founded my company “MKDesign” with family support.
I hope you enjoy my creations as much as I do.


Own motive

Are you interested in one of my products, but the suggested motifs do not match your expectations? Then please feel free to contact me. Together we can discuss whether your ideas can be implemented.

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