The handmade fire barrels, standing tables and fire bowls may have points and sharp edges in the motifs due to their manufacturing process. Please always place these products on a safe and fireproof surface. It is important to note that fire barrels can become very hot during use. I therefore recommend always maintaining an appropriate safety distance from the bins.


table top

I use Douglas fir as wood for my bar tables because of its exceptional weather resistance . After a year-long test under various weather conditions, the Douglas fir has proven itself to be the undisputed favorite . To protect the wooden surface and make it easy to clean, I coat it with a clear boat varnish coating . This allows for effortless care. This is just one of the reasons why my bar tables can be used excellently outside.



According to individual wishes, I offer the option of painting my products with acrylic varnish. Please note that this varnish is not heat-resistant. Therefore, I recommend using LED lighting for these products. As a special offer, you will receive a matching LED set (NOT WATERPROOF) free of charge with every product.

Manufacturing information

Fire barrels and bar tables

My unique fire barrels and bar tables are made from recycled 200L food transport barrels that are made by hand. Each product is therefore individually unique, far from mass production. With a height of around 85cm - 93cm and a diameter of around 58cm - 60cm, the barrels have a characteristic look. Made from 1.2mm thick sheet steel, they impress with their robustness and longevity. Small, possibly existing dents do not affect the appearance or function of the barrels, which gain in charm due to their imperfections.

The exterior paint is removed by sandblasting to create an even surface when the fire is first lit and to prevent any paint particles from being blown into the environment. The internal paint is gradually worn away by the heat over time. My products not only set aesthetic accents, but are also characterized by environmentally conscious production.