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Fire barrel Waidmannsheil

Fire barrel Waidmannsheil

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Hello, I am selling this fire barrel from my range. My fire barrels are handmade. That's why every fire barrel is unique and nothing off the shelf.

As a fire barrel, I use sheet steel barrels from the food industry. These bins are very stable and durable with 1.2mm. Not to be compared with thin barrels of oil, as these usually do not last long.
My bins will be used to transport groceries, so they can sometimes have one or the other small dent. However, these are not in the motifs and do not impair the functionality.
All barrels are delivered with the appropriate lid. This is then still in the original color.

The masses are approx. 85cm to 93cm high and 58cm to 60cm in diameter. The barrels are sandblasted from the outside so that the paint does not end up in the environment. So you then have an equally rough surface, which then gradually turns into a beautiful rust look.
If you have any questions, just write.

Of course I also have desired motifs and personalization, please send a message or contact me.

My barrels, bar tables and garden torches can contain points and sharp edges in the motifs due to the manual production. Please always place on a safe and fireproof surface. The fire barrels can get very hot when in use, so always keep a safe distance from the barrels.
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