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Slate clock "Deer"

Slate clock "Deer"

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Experience the perfect symbiosis of elegance and functionality with our slate wall clock! With a diameter of 30cm, it is not only an eye-catcher on every wall, but also a reliable timepiece for your home.
The high-quality material gives the watch a timeless beauty and makes it a real eye-catcher. Each individual wall clock is carefully engraved, giving it an individual touch. The broken edges also give the design a modern touch and skilfully set accents.
Thanks to the precise movement, the hands of our slate wall clock run absolutely silently and always show you the exact time. This means you can enjoy your precious moments to the fullest without being disturbed by annoying ticking noises.
The slate wall clock is perfect for any room in your home - be it the living room, bedroom or even the office. Thanks to its simple, yet elegant design, it fits seamlessly into any interior and gives every room that certain something.
Discover the fascination of the slate wall clock now and let yourself be inspired by its timeless beauty. Bring a piece of elegance into your four walls and experience perfection down to the smallest detail!
High-quality material: The use of slate gives the watch an elegant look.
Individual design: Each wall clock is engraved, giving it a personal touch.
Silent movement: The hands run absolutely silently and do not disturb the peace.
Versatile: The slate wall clock fits into any room and interior.


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